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Suzi holding a puppy at Tiny Town small dog daycare in Boulder, CO


One January morning in 2013, I saw the “now hiring” sign at Bowhaus Dog Daycare and Boarding Handlers! It dawned on me, this may be the PERFECT answer to my search for “what’s next”? After a long career as a commercial airline stewardess for TWA international (fluent in German), followed by working for Continental Airlines reservations, ticket counter, ramp, and finishing as a flight attendant, it seemed to be a DREAM “job” to be with dogs of all sizes and breeds! 5 &1/2 years later, it remains my dream job. It is an honor to love and play with our clients’ furry friends, and is not something I ever take lightly or for granted.

My husband and I met in Gunnison, CO and attended Western State College. After dating several years and skiing 5 days a week (obviously classes were not a high priority!), our pastor/part time ski instructor married us in Paradise Bowl, Crested Butte, CO on the mountain… (it’s going on 40 years married in Dec 2018 despite doubts of F & F that we would last 6 months!).

During a brutally cold January, a furry fuzz ball puppy chose us as his family! Oscar, a husky/shepherd/collie mix was my JOY for 13 FUN and blessed years! My description of Oscar: he had the playfulness of a collie, the endurance of a husky, and the loyalty of a shepherd! He lived to pull me on cross country skis. He pouted when I packed that airline bag and rejoiced when I walked in the door, sniffing out a piece of filet mignon from first class! I always thought he would send another dog, however, Oscar had other thoughts… a job at Bowhaus Boulder with every imaginable size and breed in creation!

I worked at the Erie location until May 2013 and I’ve been at the Boulder location since day one. It continues to be the BEST place to spend a couple days a week. The other days my husband and I travel in our newly acquired dream-come-true 2017 Airstream RV. On Tues/Wed, I open Tiny Town in the AM, throwing balls and toys, and offer security, leadership, and confidence to smaller dogs. In the afternoons, it’s a joy to interact with the bigger dogs! They’re ALL my favorites!