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Erie Rates

Boarding Accommodations & Packages

At Bowhaus Erie, our boarding accommodations offer cozy 4x4 space with room for your pup to sprawl out at the end of a long day of play to catch some zzzzz's and rest up for their next fun-filled day of play at Bowhaus! 1 Guest 2 Guests
3-Star Package
Standard Room, Daycare & Grourmet Treat
$45.00 $85.50
4-Star Package
Standard Room, Daycare, Enrichment Session, Gourmet Treat, Premium Bedding
$55.00 $104.50
5-Star Package
Standard Room, Daycare, Enrichment Session, Puppy Postcard, Gourmet Treat, Premium Bedding, Late Checkout until 7pm
$65.00 $123.50

Enrichment Programs

Personal Enrichment Session
Personal, one-on-one playtime that includes your dog's choice of activity, including "Brain Games" designed to Enrich your dog's mind. They allow your pup to use their senses to help find a reward. Some examples are puzzles, snuffle mats, nose work and hide and seek.
Group Enrichment Session
A small group session that helps stimulate the body and the mind. Enrichment sessions can help reduce, anxiety, curb unwanted behavior and much more. Group enrichment activities include the ball pit, football game, bubble party, snow day play, fetch, water hose, running agility course, and more!.

Add - Ons

Trail Walk (45 min) $20
Warm Stew Treat $3
Pupsicle Treat $4
Late Drop-Off (after 6pm) $10
Late Checkout (after 10am) $22


Daycare Trial Day $20
Full Day Daycare (one visit) $33 per day
Half Day Daycare (up to 5hours; must pickup by 1pm) $22 per day
10 Full Day Visit Package $300 / $30 per day
5 Half Day Visit Package $100 / $20 per day

Grooming & Bathing

Full Groom $45 - $80+
Based on size and coat
Bath + Brush + Trim $40 - $70+
Based on size and coat
"No Frills" Bath $20 - $50+
Based on size and coat
Quick Brush Out (15 min) $15
Nail Trim/Filing $14
Teeth Brushing $10
Ear Cleaning $8
Blueberry Facial $5

All rates are subject to change. Peak or holiday rates may apply. Advance reservations and current vaccination records required.

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