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Tiny Town

Bring your furry friend to our specialized small dog park and play area. At Tiny Town your dog will get the opportunity to socialize, relax, and play with other dogs their size.

Dogs at Tiny Town small dog daycare at Bowhaus Boulder, CO

Tiny Time for the Tiny Ones

A lot can be said about small dogs, but one thing that seems to hold true for most is that their personalities are anything but small! With so much charisma, eagerness, and energy, small dogs seem to play, relax, and enjoy their time with dogs around their own size.

Our Tiny Town was designed just for these itty bitty pups to encourage a safe environment where they can be themselves! We also invite older more more shy dogs to join the Tiny Town members where they’ll be welcomed by short, but loving arms.

Taking Tiny to the Next Level

Tiny Town occupies the entire upstairs floor, allowing your fun-sized pooch to romp around with their new fur-iends! Unlike our main downstairs, toy-free zone play areas, Tiny Town encourages playing with toys, as long as the group is able to play nicely. Give your tiny friend a day of play where everything is tiny just like them!